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Autumn Skincare Tips - How to Care for your Skin in this New Season

The 23rd of September was the official first day of Autumn whic means a new season is officially upon us! Whilst you may be dreaming of pumpkin spiced lattess, crunchy Autumn leaves and Halloween parties - caring for your skin in this new season is equally important.

As we go into a new time of year our skincare routine needs to be switched up to match the changing climate and our daily routines. With the weather getting cooler we're less likley to spend time outside and we have less exposure to sunlight wich gives our skin the important Vitamin D.

Keep reading for our four top tips on caring for your skin in Autumn...

1) Moisturise daily

Although you should already be using moisturiser in your skincare routine, it's important to step it up during Autumn. This is because as the days get cooler, you skin produs less sweat and oils that help keep your skin moisturised. Also it will be muh windier than the summer months so any natural moisture produced by your body will be blown off. Crazy right?!

To help build up your skins mositure why not use one of our 100% natural body butters? Not only are you helping protect your skin your also using natural and organic ingredients which are better for your skin! We recommend trying out our Frankincense & Neroli Body Butter which is the perfect Autumnial scent to leave your skin feeling soft and smooth! Don't forget to keep your lips healthy with our Lip Butter collection too.

2) Drink lots of water

Similar to our previous point, keep your skin moistuirsed and hydrated by drinking lots of water! A you're no longer sweltering in the summer heat you may be less likely to drink water to stay cool, but good hydration is key to healthy skin. Help your skin thive by drinking aroun 1.5L of water throughout the day. Eating fruit and veg high in water content is a great hack for keeping hydrated!

3) Don't skip SPF

You may be tempted to save money and ditch the sunscreen now that the summer is over and there's hardly any sunshine. However, even though you may not be able to see the sun, UV rays an still be high. Exposure to UV rays can be dangerous to your skin and health so make sure to wear sunscreen or SPF enhanced make up/moisturiser even during Autumn and Winter to keep you safe from the sun's rays.

4) Exfoliate away your summer skin

A great thing to do at the start of a new season is exfoliate! This helps buffer your skin and get rid of any dead skin cells. It's the perfect way to prep your skin for the new season!

Our Wild Orange & Lavender Body Srub is the perfect product for you to exfoliate with. The citrus notes of orange with the calming tons of lavender help create an at-home spa experience that leaves you skin feeling relaxed and glowing. You can view our natural body scrub collection here.

By following these four simple tips you can easily care for and protect your skin this Autumn to ensure you stay glowing - inside and out - all year around!

You can view our full range of 100% natural and organic sustainable skincare product here.

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