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Big Brands that still test on animals: The alternatives to support instead.

This week I wanted to give you some shocking information about all the big brands that still test on animals. You might be shocked at the ones that you see, I sure was. In this day and age, there should be no excuse to still be testing on innocent animals, using them, poisoning them, killing them, just to make money, it's disgusting to me.

According to PETA, all of these brands still test on animals. I will also share some alternative brands that you should choose to support instead.

First up, L'Oreal.

They claim to be cruelty free and have natural products, however, they are sold in China and are still actually doing tests on animals for both their ingredients and finished product. In China, it's actually a requirement for them to test on animals... which in itself is sickening.

Benefit Cosmetics

This one I was actually really shocked about, because I've used them for years without even knowing they weren't cruelty free... They may have lovely marketing packaging that catches your eye and products you think are great, but it comes with the cost of cruel animal testing for its products.

You can use Two Faced Cosmetics instead of this, they are a PETA approved cruelty free brand.


Clinique has been testing their products on animals. According to PETA, they test their night cream on animals, killing and poisoning them in the process, just for a cream that claims to help with wrinkles.

Instead, try Tarte Cosmetics, they are PETA approved cruelty free.

Estee Lauder

YES, that double wear people rave on about, isn't cruelty free. Because Estee Lauder is a parent company to other brands such as Clinique, Bobbi Brown, La Mer and Origins, they are all not considered a cruelty free brands.

Instead try NYX, PETA recommends this brand as a good alternative. I've used this brand in the past and actually really enjoy their cosmetics, especially their lip gloss!


Another one I was pretty shocked about to be honest, I used to use their mascara when I was a teen, I am now so disappointed to find out that in fact they test them on animals...

I actually now use the GenSee mascara, they are a cruelty free brand that I absolutely LOVED. All their products are amazing and clean! You don't need a lot of product with their cosmetics, a little does go a long way. They are also very versatile!


Yet another disappointing discovery, after never thinking twice about nail polish even needing to be cruelty free, I was shocked to find that OPI are still testing on animals. It's quite sad to know that majority of places you'll go and get your nails done will stock OPI, and will use their products without any consideration for the poor animals being tested on.

I found a lovely small business online called Earth Nail Polish and they are amazing! I actually prefer them to the OPI, they last ages and the quality of them is incredible, it's also a great way to support small businesses!

For more information about cruelty free brands, check out PETA and have a read. Don't forget to always look out for certifications or symbols that brands will use to show you they are cruelty free!

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