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Boundaries - What are they and how can they change our lives?

I wanted to dig into boundaries this week and how they can really influence our lives for the better, resulting is less stress and healthier mental health. Everyone can benefit from setting boundaries so lets get stuck in.

Firstly, you might be wondering, what are boundaries? Well, boundaries are limits or space you create with yourself or other people in your life. The purpose of creating boundaries is to protect yourself and be a healthier you.

To set boundaries means to do what feels natural and not compromise your own opinions, beliefs or mental health. Ensuring your taking into consideration how your feeling and what feels natural for you rather than trying to people please and doing things that you don't feel comfortable or right doing.

Setting boundaries is so important and I'm so glad that I now have them as a tool in my life, without boundaries you can become overwhelmed, stressed, depressed and even have social anxiety.

Setting boundaries in relationship's

Boundaries in relationships are essential, it allows the relationship to be completely transparent, so both parties can understand each other better and are able to connect organically. This can be a friendship, marriage, boyfriend or girlfriend.

Since setting boundaries in my own life, I've been a lot happier, I no longer do things I don't feel comfortable or right doing. I do things that support my mental health rather than damage it. Learning to say no has been the biggest blessing in my life, I highly recommend you start setting boundaries and using them as a positive tool in your own life, watch your life change for the better.

E x

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