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Cruelty free: What brand's do it best?

Sharing with you my favorite cruelty free brands this week. If your not already sure how to know if something is cruelty free, look for the certification symbols, these include the Leaping Bunny organization : Homepage | Leaping Bunny Peta: Search for Cruelty-Free Companies, Products, and More | PETA and a few more. These are the most popular. Also look out for wording in the packaging, some smaller brands might be cruelty free just aren't certified, like mine :) I am looking to do this in the future, but as a small business, finances are TIGHT. Any way, let's get into some of my favorite brands...

Milly & Sissy

After meeting the lovely Milly earlier this year, I wanted to dedicate a whole section on her and her sister's amazing brand. Not only are they cruelty free, they are vegan, sustainable, eco friendly & even offer refills! How amazing is that!

Sukin Skin care

Another brand that I love is Sukin, an amazing conscious brand that I've really been enjoying & they are in Holland & Barret! Which is really convenient for me as I love popping in there and having a little browse. Natural Skincare - Vegan & Cruelty Free Natural Skin Care Products | Sukin Naturals UK


My brand has to be on here too of course! Sustainable, luxury body care that is cruelty free and made from 100% natural and organic ingredients. I will soon be offering refills and getting the official certification for sure!


I've obsessed with this brand every since I tried the Sleep range bath salts, they were amazing and I always have the best sleep when I use them. I also love the Lavender sleep spray, that's great if you have trouble sleeping too!

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