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Do influencers influence you?

Are you swayed by what you see on social media?

I wanted to do something a little different this week and talk about social media. I’ve been thinking a lot lately, about social media and the impact it has on our day to day lives.

I must say, I personally have had a great experience with social media, but I know that there is a whole different side. But let's get one thing straight, social media is not real, people show you what they think you want to see. The best version of themselves and their lives.

But on the other hand, social media has really changed my life, for the better. I have such a positive and healthy mindset (most of the time) and it's because of what I’m allowing myself to be exposed too. I choose to unfollow toxic and unrealistic accounts, not because I don't enjoy the content, but because I find myself comparing and doubting myself. Say goodbye to toxic accounts and start living for YOU. Not for the gram.

Today's topic is ' Do influencers influence you' I find social media really does influence me, since starting my blog and business, I’ve come across so many amazing accounts. I’ve been influenced to be more eco friendly, more self aware and even more confident in my own skin. Just knowing you're not alone in the things you go through in life, it’s really comforting. It's really refreshing to know that other people out there understand what you going through, even though sometimes you may not be able to talk to friends or family about it, instagram has a way of making you feel like part of a community.

Final thought:

I'm not blind to the dark sides of social media and the negative impacts it can have on our mental health. Always making sure you are doing things and making decisions to support your mental health rather than things that can bring you down is so important. Get rid of toxic accounts and start engaging with real people that help bring you up, trust me, you will start seeing social media in a whole different light.

E x

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