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Does the weather affect your emotions?

Can the good weather have a positive impact on our emotions?

This past week the weather has been amazing! It's been lovely seeing the sun come out and grace us with its presence. Spring has officially arrived and i'm so here for it. This week I wanted to talk about how the weather affects our emotions are if it was actually a thing or if it's just me...

After doing some research, I found that its actually a thing! There really is a connection between weather a mood. There was a study made in 1984 on this and this is what was said about it.

'The study found that the amount of sunshine, temperature and humidity had the greatest effect on mood. In particular, it showed that high humidity lowered concentration and increased sleepiness'

'Additionally, a 2005 study found that spending more time outdoors in pleasant weather is associated with higher mood and better memory. The study concluded that spring was linked to improved mood since people had been deprived of pleasant weather all winter, and that hotter weather was linked to lower mood in the summer.'

What about when the weather is grey and gloomy?

Living in london, we don't always get the best weather. It's always very unpredictable and you never know what the next day is going to bring. It's no secret that when it's grey, gloomy and raining outside, it makes us not want to leave our house, or do much at all. But does it actually have an affect on you?

Well, for me, it really does. I find that I have longer, more unproductive days. I don't feel as motivated or like my usual self. I like staying home, listening to the sound of rain and being in my cosy pyjamas.

Not saying that this happens all the time when the weather isn't bright and sunny, but it definitely happens a lot.

There was another study made comparing the different weather conditions. Let's see what what said...

'Researchers noted that sunshine and blue skies “could increase mood by stimulating thoughts of wanting to socialise, spend time with friends and family or other outings. Whereas, cloudy days could be associated with the disappointment of cancelled plans and the annoyance of rain.''

So in conclusion, I personally am someone whose mood is affected by the weather, studies show that this can actually be the case in some people, but how about you? Does your mood get affected by the weather?

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