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Eco Journey & Swaps

Before starting my business, I’ll be honest. I wasn’t the most sustainable or eco friendly person. I didn’t really take into consideration how my actions would actually have an impact on the environment.

I’m happy to say, that I have been inspired and influenced into living a more sustainable and conscious lifestyle. I would like to say, choosing to live a more sustainable life, isn’t a hobby, it’s a total lifestyle change.

If you're new to sustainability, like myself, then I would say it's definitely the smaller things that make a huge difference. I also find that making the small changes, makes me want to do more and make bigger changes.

I'm going to share a couple of easy eco swaps that I have made and that you can make too. They are a great place to start on your eco journey and even better, don't break the bank.

Shampoo, Conditioner & Body bars

A super easy eco swap, I was worried that I wasn't going to enjoy these, but I was totally wrong. They foam up just as well if not better than regular bottled product. The price difference is also a plus, because there a lot cheaper than the regular shampoo and conditioner I used to use. You also do get a good amount of use out of the bars too!

Showers not Baths

This is a super, inexpensive swap that anyone can make. It saves so much more water and therefore a great sustainable swap to help support the environment. I thought giving up my relaxing bath time was going to be a huge no no, but i'm not saying never have a bath again... Just choosing a shower instead for the majority of the time can really make a difference.

Shopping small or local

Shopping small and local is something that I love to do. Since starting my business I have met so many lovely people and amazing different types of businesses. Shopping small doesn't only support someone else's dream, it more eco friendly too! Supporting local businesses is so important, it's also so much more personal and fulfilling.

These 3 eco swaps are super quick and easy to make. If you start small, I promise you will want to make more sustainable choices. My eco journey has been great so far and I feel better about myself and my lifestyle choices.

Would you consider making any of these swaps in your own life? Hopefully you do, and you also can start your very own eco journey.

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