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Every Day Feel Good Stretches

This week I caught up with friend and experienced sports therapist Abigail Maunders. She has been in the industry for a while now so I was super excited when she said she'd help feature on this weeks blog. (MY FIRST FEATURE PEOPLE!)

We caught up to bring you some everyday feel good stretches that you can practice at home, FOR FREE.

Stretching not only feels amazing and does the body good, but it also increases serotonin levels, which are hormones that help with your mood. They make you feel good by reducing your stress levels, not just in your mind, but in your muscles too. Not only that, but stretching can help increase flexibility whilst also assisting in helping to reduce depression and anxiety.

So lets get into some feel good stretches.

First up, The Butterfly Stretch.

This stretch is great for reducing tension in your hips, opens up your lower back, inner thighs and also has a calm and relaxing effect which can help reduce stress.

Glute Stretch

This stretch is one of my favourite's, especially after a good old bum work out. Doing this stretch daily will help increase range and posture, no body wants a hunch back do they. Its also helps improves mobility.

Hamstring Stretch

This is another one I love to do, again after a work out this feels AMAZING. It helps increase flexibility and also helps with every day tasks such as walking and going up the stairs. If the hamstrings are tight, it can alter your posture by rotating the pelvis backwards. So this stretch is super important.

Neck Stretch

One for all the office workers or content creators, sitting at the desk all day can have a strain not just on your eyes, but also your neck and shoulders. This stretch is great for reducing tension and soreness around the neck area. It can also help with the intensity of headaches.

Over head triceps' stretch

Now this one, is super easy and you can even do it on the go or even at work. It helps increase range, lengthens your muscles and even boosts circulation. This is a great everyday stretch that will help prevent muscle tightness and loosen connective tissue.

These are all stretches are beneficial and that can be used without any need for equipment, that means, they really are everyday feel good stretches. They will make you feel better, physically, emotionally and even spiritually. They will also allow you to get through your day with more energy.

Massive thank you to Abigail for helping me with this weeks blog, she has kindly given you a 20% off code to use to pamper yourself with Urban Massage. Just click the link to get your code.

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