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Face oils: What's so good about them?

It's no secret that its getting colder, the days are getting darker and your skin is probably starting to look and feel a little dull or dry. It's important to use seasonal skincare so that your skin is getting the right treatments for it's seasonal cycle. In the summer your skin might look more dewy, glowing and even feel more hydrated. But coming up to winter, that can change.

Why face oils?

You might be thinking that using a hydrating serum is enough to give your skin that healthy dose of hydration it needs, but actually it's not. Face oils are what your skin needs to repair and balance your skins hydration levels. Because of their consistency they help provide long lasting hydration without the need to re-apply.

Face oil vs Face serum

Most face serums tend to be water based, meaning they will offer hydration for a short period of time, whereas face oils are oil based so they have a bigger molecule resulting in a slower release ensuring your skin is hydrated for much longer.

Serums are great for hydrating the skin too but oils are better for locking in moisture.

You should use your face oil as the last thing in your routine, helping to lock in all the other products too.

What oils are the best?

In my opinion the best oils are the ones that contain natural ingredients and are non comedogenic. Oils that WORK and don't just leave your skin greasy are the ones that I think work best.

Try my rejuvenating face and body oil, it's filled with natural ingredients that improve the skin texture and pigmentation, whilst also providing a relaxing and calming aroma to reduce stress and anxiety. The perfect combination of both beauty and wellness.

How to use face oils

Face oils will help level up your skincare routine, add them at the end of your routine to lock in your skins moisture and also all the products you would have applied before.

Correctly layer your skincare :




Eye cream


Face oil

What do you think glow getters, you ready to upgrade your skincare routine?

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