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Healthy glowing skin: What's the secret & how do I get it?

If your wondering why your buying loads of products that aren't doing that much for your skin, this could be why. They aren't right for your skin type.

The first step to getting clear, healthy & glowing skin is to know your skin type. Your friends and family might recommend a product that works for them, but that product might not work for you.

Here's how to maintain healthy skin in every season.

After knowing your skin type, consistency is KEY. Don't stop using a product after the first use if you don't think that it's doing much. Always allow up to 28 days to see results.

Here's some ingredients that are great for ALL skin types!

Hyaluronic Acid

Not only is it suitable for all skin types, this ingredient helps other ingredients penetrate deeper into the skin.


Every single skin type needs to be using an SPF. There's so many different type of SPF on the market, for all different skin types, make sure you are using one that protects you and doesn't clog up your pores.


If you are 25 or over, I would say retinol is essential to your skins health, retinol isn't just for ageing, it helps promote cell turn over which is great for texture, breakouts and all round skin health.

Vitamin C

This is the perfect ingredient to give your skin that extra glow, vitamin C comes in many forms, serums, creams and even oils. You can always find the perfect consistency for your skin type.


Another one that will transform your skin, you might think that an oil isn't for you, but all skin types need hydration. Even acne prone skin needs nourishment, the reason you could be getting breakouts is because your skin is over producing oil, because it's lacking oil.

I've just launched my new product FAB oil which is suitable for all skin types and will give your skin a plumed, hydrated glow. Try it for yourself and watch your glow up! You've got it for only £19.50 instead of £24.99 but snap it up quick before the price goes back up!

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