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Hot Trend: Slugging- What is it?

So it seems to be a hot trend right now. But it's actually been around for ages! Let's get straight into it. Slugging is a great way of locking in moisture and helping products penetrate to deeper levels of the skin. It's basically a sandwich situation, what I mean by this is that is that you use your favourite serum / cream before bed, then add a layer of Vaseline to lock it all in. If your not sure what I mean, because I am really not the best explainer, then I've covered a 'how to' on my instagram where you will see me doing a demo of slugging around the eye area. Check it out by clicking on the button below.

I love to slug around my eyes, because my skin in sensitive, I feel like it's the only place I can really do it without stressing thinking it's going to irritate my skin. You should be careful not to do this every day or to often because it can cause milia, which are tiny clusters of skin that look like little bumps. It usually is suitable for all skin types, but depending on what other products you're using alongside it, you might just want to double check with your dermatologist.

So the question is glow getter, have you or will you be trying slugging?

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