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How can organic oils benefit your skin and mind

Using organic and clean ingredients is becoming more and more popular. This is because people are becoming more conscious about what they are using on their skin. As they should be!

Remember that what you use on your skin and body, will eventually end up in your blood stream. This makes choosing natural and clean ingredients even more important.

Using natural and organic ingredients isn't only great for your skin but also better for the environment.

Using organic oils and aromatherapy oils have so many benefits. Aromatherapy has been used to calm the mind and provide therapeutic benefits for years.

Here's some benefits of organic and essential oils:

- Boosts mood

- Reduce inflammation

- Improves performance through reduced stress

- Helps to reduce insomnia

- Helps to reduce negative thoughts

- Natural anti - bacterial properties

- Anti- ageing properties

- Antioxidants are in many essential oils

Here are some of my favourite oils I like to formulate my therapeutic skin and body care with:

- Jojoba Oil

- Lavender essential oil

- Frankincense essential oil

- Rose hip oil

- Orange essential oil

- Olive squalane

Now that you know all the good stuff about organic and essential oils, it's time to treat your skin and mind.

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