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My skincare journey - How it gave me confidence & self love

As some of you may already know, I went through a very difficult skincare journey. My skin is still not what it used to be, but I'm in a place now where I can talk about it and share my journey with others, so that you know that no ones skin is perfect and your not alone.

My journey started about 2/3 years ago when all of a sudden I started get red patches on my cheeks, at first I thought it was just a spot, so I used to use exfoliants, which only made it worse. It used to come and go, but every time it used to flare up, it would come back worse. So I started keeping a food diary, which actually turned into me journaling about my life and how I didn't feel confident or pretty any more. It was where I found I would just write how I was feeling at the time and actually I developed my first healthy habit of journaling.

My skin started to get worse after a while, as I said it would come and go, but when I did have a flare up, it just got worse, very red, very irritated, very sore. I knew I had to see a doctor because this wasn't normal and like nothing I've ever experienced before. My face was like a ball, my eyes were swollen and honestly, I hated to even look at myself in the mirror.

After a lot of back and forth with many different doctors and dermatologists, I started on hydrocortisone cream, I've been using it ever since. I slowly slowly gained my confidence back and tried to remain positive as possible.

It was a very difficult time in my life and I started to become depressed. I didn't want to leave the house, I didn't want to eat in case it flared up again, I didn't know what to do, I would look in the mirror and just cry because I felt so ugly.

After it started to improve, I did start to feel better but I always had and still have this anxiety that whenever It gets a little red, or I drink alcohol, or maybe over do it with the Indian food, that it will come back.

So what did I learn? Well, that I'm not alone, I didn't think it at the time, but it could have been a lot worse. It could have been permanent, it could have been all over my body.

What I love about my following on Beauty & Wellness Blog is that everything is so transparent, I follow a lot of acne positivity and other people that are also on a skin journey, it makes me feel better and not so alienated.

Slowly, slowly, I started to love myself again, I started to feel confident and I discovered that I can help others by sharing my story.

So, moral of the story is, love the skin your in, it will get better & you are still beautiful.

If you would like to follow my full skin journey and see what actually happened, give the blog a follow for all skin journey updates.

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