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Seasonal Skincare - Tis the season to change your skincare

Seasonal skincare is SO important! Most people don't even think about how your skin changes with the seasons. But, I hate to break it to you. Your skin is constantly changing because of the weather. The weather can effect not just your skin instant but also your skin care products!

For example, you'll find that your more solid products will be getting that bit softer, your lip balms can turn into a more oil based consistency.

But even in the colder months, you'll find your oils thickening up, your balms remaining solid. If this is what the weather can do very easily to your products, image the impact it can have on your skin.

Because of this its so important that you are adjusting your skincare routine to fit your skins seasonal needs. Here's some seasonal swaps for you to take note of.

Face - Skip the serums and opt for a nourishing oil instead, you can use just an oil rather than a 10- step routine.

Start incorporating mists into your routine to help keep your skin hydrated for longer and on the go.

Body - Make sure you are using products that hydrate your skin for a long period of time. Body Butters or body oils are a great way to ensure deep, long lasting hydration. You could find that the skin on your body might be getting a little dull, it's likely because in London we are lucky to even see the sun for more than a week... But this isn't the only reason. We tend to forget about body care in the colder months because it's usually covered. But body care is so important! Just as important as skin care!

Body Mists, face mists are always a great way to give your skin that boost of hydration when it's feeling and looking a bit dull or dry. (stay tuned for more on this) If your reading this, you've got the exclusive, a body mist is coming!

Swap out your cotton pillow case for a silk one, this will help regulate the heat, allowing you to have a better nights sleep in the warm weather.

What other changes will you be making to prepare your skin and body for the spring? Here's some of my spring essentials.

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