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Skin tools: Gua Sha v Face rollers. What's the difference?

I have been loving skin tools for a few years now. So I had to of course launch my own. I have been practicing Gua sha facials on myself and not only are they amazing for lifting and sculpting the skin, they are an act of selfcare and I always feel so much better emotionally after using it.

This week I wanted to talk about the difference in both the Face roller & a Gua Sha. When deciding what skin tool to actually add to my range, I picked one that I knew would have both therapeutic and skin benefits. So lets get straight into that the actual difference is.

Face Roller

A face roller feels really nice on the face, especially when you pop it in the fridge! It does help to reduce puffiness to an extent, also assisting in product absorption. Unfortunately, it doesn't have as much ability as a gua sha to help lift and tone the skin. I love using a face roller when I use sheet masks, I think they work really well along side them.

Gua Sha

Gua sha facials are something that has really helped me, which is why I decided to bring out my own. There are so many physical and therapeutic benefits of using the Obsidian Gua Sha. One of the reasons I love Gua Sha is because it helps increase the blood flow, making your skin look really nice and plumped. It's also amazing for lymphatic drainage. I get a lot of water retention which sits on my face, making me look as if I have a double chin. When I use my Gua sha, it helps to reduce that water retention and assists in draining the face. Not only that, it has really helped me sculpt my jawline and lift my brows too!

Have you tried either of these skin tools before? If not, which one will you be adding in your skin care routine?

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