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Sustainable brands for conscious shoppers - Quality items that don't cost the earth

It's the week before Christmas and I am so excited for the holidays. With it being the season of giving, I thought this week I would share some of my favourite sustainable businesses. Businesses that go that extra mile and think about their impact on our planet.

The first small business I have to share with you is AQ/AQ beauty. With ethical values at the core, AQ/AQ beauty is a great sustainable market place and brand. If you're yet to check them out, I'll add a link below :

The next we have Fushi Wellbeing. I was introduced to Fushi a while back and I completely fell in love with their products. I enjoy using their Fushi hair oil and radiance face cream. Check them out here:

Another sustainable brand I love is beyond bamboo. It's a sustainable market place where you can find a bunch of ethical brand, (including mine) Here, they do the research for you, bringing you clean, ethical products that don't cost the earth. Check them out here:

Milly and Sissy are another brand that I've spoken about in the past and you guys already know I love! They offer refills, reusable and amazing non toxic products. Here's their website link so that you can check them out too.

With the new year approaching why not make a change and start being more conscious about what your putting on your skin and into your blood stream. Using non toxic chemicals can benefit your skin, body and mind in such a positive way.

Will you be shopping more consciously this year?

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