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The best beauty product you can own:


I honestly believe sleep is the best beauty product you can own. Not only is it a time to rest and recharge, it's a time for your skin to replenish itself and also time for your skincare products to work their magic.

How many hours of sleep should you be getting a night?

Well the answer is around 7-9 hours a night. It's important to get enough sleep so that you can feel awake, refreshed and recharged to take on the day ahead.

Why do you need sleep? What can happen if you don't have enough sleep?

Sleep is essential to a healthy body, mind and soul. It can be responsible for your mood, fatigue and more. Healthy sleep also enables the body to remain healthy and even fight of diseases.

Without enough sleep, they body can not function properly, it can fuel the fire to mental health issues and even cause problems in your day - to - day life.

What if I can't sleep?

So in conclusion, it's essential to prioritise sleep. For a healthy mind, body and healthy skin.

So if you have trouble sleeping, make sure that you are relaxed and ready for bed. To do this you can read, have a nice hot bath, use pillow mists or even use Lavender & Bergamot on the soles of your feet 10 mins before bed for a deeper sleep. Happy sleeping x

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