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Toxic relationships: How to know if your relationship is toxic & how to get out of it.

I wanted to touch on this because I don't think that its talked about enough. You would know when your in a toxic relationship it can feel like it will never end, you can feel trapped and like this will be your life forever. Toxic relationships can come in different forms, you can be in a toxic relationship with anyone, whether that be a partner, yourself, a friend or even a family member.

Firstly, you might be wondering, is my relationship toxic? Well, if your asking yourself that question, it's very likely that it is. Here's a few signs to spot if your relationship is toxic or not.

Lack of trust.

Do you or the person in your relationship constantly have a lack of trust? Trust is a HUGE part of any type of relationship, once that trust is broken, it's really hard to build it back up.

Controlling behaviour

If you are experiencing controlling behaviour, this is a toxic trait. Whether it be controlling you doing the things you used to enjoy, the clothes you wear or even just seeing your friends and family.

Feeling Drained

Being in any kind of relationship should uplift you and make you feel good about yourself. If your feeling drained and exhausted in the relationship, its not the one. This is a toxic trait and you should really think about removing yourself from this relationship.

So how can you get out of a toxic relationship?

Now this can be very tricky, having been in a toxic relationship myself previously, I know how hard it can be to just walk away. There's guilt, the fear of loneliness and also love...well, what you think is love at the time. It takes a strong person to finally say that they don't want to put themselves through this toxic behaviour any more. Here's a few tips on how you can handle removing yourself from a toxic relationship.


The first thing you need to do is actually recognise that you are in a toxic relationship. Listen to the red flags, they are there for a reason. Would you be happy if your friend was in this relationship, your brother or sister, or even your child?

Track your feelings

If you realise that you are more unhappy than happy in this relationship, then you know its toxic, you need to start putting yourself first, know your worth so much more. Think about the last time you were actually genuinely happy with this person, has the negative out weighed the positive?


Make sure you are safe, never put yourself in a situation where you no longer feel safe with someone, always stay visible and ensure that people are around or just try and not be alone with the person. Try and be around friends or family too, this can really help you feel safer!

Cut off communication

This is the ONLY way to go. There will be no gradual stop, it has to be abrupt, you have to completely cut this person out of your life, you were fine before them, you will be fine after them.

Ask for help

Reach out to people for support, you are never alone in the things you go through and more than likely someone will be able to relate to how your feeling. Also ask for help if your finding it difficult to remove this person from your life, your friends and family will be there for you.


This won't be an easy thing to do. But, with time, things will get better. The lonely days will end and there will be brightness at the end of the tunnel, you will sparkle again. You will trust again, you will overcome this, it all just takes some time.

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