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What's secret to being truely happy?

This week I wanted to dive into what really makes you happy? Is it spending time with your family, boyfriend/girlfriend, socialising with friends or even just spending time with yourself?

Recently i've been doing more of what makes me and my soul happy. As i'm getting older, im finding that the question of 'what makes me happy is changing' I used to think that going out and partying made me happy, admittingly to some extent, it did at the time. Not to say I don't enjoying having a night out every now and then, having that social time with my friends is very important to me. But now i'm growing up, I'm realising that there's more to life than that, there's so much to experience and im enjoying trying and exploring new things that i've never done before. For example, getting into sustainability and spirituality, learning to appreciate nature. Or even simple things, I never used to cook, now I love to cook and find it so therapeutic! I'm also quite the chef, if I do say so myself...

Being happy isn't always about what your doing or who your around. Yes they do say it doesn't matter where you are, but who you're with' However, I believe true happiness is a mindset and really starts from within, if you can be happy within yourself, that's all I think matters. Some might say that thinking about yourself is selfish. But it's not a selfish way of thinking at all, it's called putting yourself first and making decisions for YOU. Setting those boundaries and choosing yourself over trying to people please, or put yourself in situations that you know aren't right for your happiness.

I want you to really think about what makes YOU happy and do more of that this week.

Remember, no one can make you happy if you are unhappy within.

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