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Why salt scrubs are better for your skin?

You might be wondering, why did I choose to make my body scrubs with Himalayan salt instead of sugar? Well... there are a few reasons, but mainly because of the texture. I would never formulate something that I wouldn't use myself so it's only the best for you too.

So what's the real difference between salt scrubs and sugar scrubs?

Well firstly, the texture and the way it reacts with the water is different, salt scrubs tend to be more gentle and dissolve easier in water. Not only that, salt scrubs are antibacterial, meaning it will help keep your skin bacteria free with less chance of irritation and itchiness.

As well as being great for your skin, salt scrubs are also better for your drainage system, meaning it will actually help provide minerals to the water instead of clogging it up over time.

Sugar scrubs are good, however they are much more abrasive, which means that they could leave your skin irritated and red. If like me you have sensitive skin, sugar scrubs might be a little too harsh for your skin. Like salt scrubs, they do easily dissolve in water, however they aren't so good for the draining system.

I would say that if your someone who reacts to products and ingredients easily and has quote reactive or sensitive skin then salt scrubs would be your best bet.

B&W Body scrubs are all made with therapeutic and skin benefits to help with body beauty and wellness.

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