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Women in business: Why I love being a women in business

When starting my business, I honestly did not have a clue, google was my best friend at the time. I made MANY mistakes when first starting out. But nothing I regret because it has made me who I am today.

This week I wanted to speak about some things I love about being a Women in business. Not just a Woman, but how someone who didn't study the subject or even go to university, came to be in the position I am in today. There were many people that doubted me, including friends and family, but I didn't let that effect me or stop me from following my dreams of having a successful business.

Being a young women in business is hard, it's hard to get taken seriously, it's hard to juggle everything by yourself, it's hard to come up with new idea's and be creative! It's all very hard. BUT, the reward, is so worth it. I don't mean just financially, but emotionally, I get filled with joy when I read all my Glow Getters feedback saying how much they love my business and love my products.

Growing up I was always the one coming up with new idea's, which we're mostly ignored. What I love most now about having my own business is that I can make my own idea's come to life. That in itself is really empowering.

Being a women in business, I get to connect with other women in business which really inspires me. I love seeing other businesses doing well, it gives me the hope and ambition to keep creating. It helps remind me that as long as I never give up and continue to follow my dreams, I will one day get to where I want to be.

If you love supporting Women owned businesses, these collections will be perfect for you. I have collaborated with these amazing women owned business to help showcase their incredible products and bring you guys a new way of trying products and brands I know you'll love.

Here's both my collaborations with By Lula & Douvall's!

I look forward to hearing what you think of my new collabs! Don't forget to leave a review of how you find your products, I love hearing your feedback and I respond back to everyone!

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