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Essential Oils: What they do & why they are so powerful

Essential oils should be used by everyone! They have so many powerful benefits for the skin, hair, body and organs. Essential oils are completely safe to use, as long as they are pure and you are using them with a carrier oil, you will get all the incredible benefits they have to offer.

What are essential oils?

Essential oils are extracted from plants, they are the essence of the plant are really are gifts from the earth, they are the plant's medication and can help the plant fight off infection. You can extract essential oils from different parts of the plant, such as the leaf, bark, roots and more.

Unfortunately essential oils aren't a regulated sector. So ensuring you are using a supplier or business you can trust is essential! See what I did there ;)

They are great for adding to skin and body products because they offer a natural fragrance without having the need to add an toxic chemicals just to make a product smell nice.

What can they do for us?

Essential oils have so many incredible benefits that have helped so many people across the globe. They can help the skin, nails and hair but also have other benefits such as, helping you feel less stressed, helping to treat infection and wounds, enabling a better nights sleep and even reduce inflammation inside the body.

What are some of my favourite essential oils?

It's hard to just pick a few, because I genuinely love SO many, but I'll cut it down to my top 5.

Lavender Essential Oil

Of course you guys know Lavender essential oil has to be right at the top of the list. It's such an incredible oil and does do much for the skin, body, mind and soul. This is the one oil I will never be without. It's also a star ingredient in the best selling Lavender & Bergamot body butter as well as the Orange and Lavender body scrub. If you haven't tried Lavender before, then you need to try one of these!

Lemon essential oil

I absolutely love lemon, I actually add a few drops to my water for detoxifying benefits. It also works wonders for pigmentation, sun damage and small scars! It has such a refreshing and awakening scent and helps me feel really positive as well as relaxed. Again, another star ingredient in B&W body butters, you can read more about it by clicking the link below.

Bergamot essential oil

Now not only is this another start ingredient, I love it for a very special reason. When we give someone a hug, we release endorphins that allow us to feel happy, when you inhale bergamot essential oil, those same endorphins are released.

Fun Fact: That's why they call it the cuddle oil!


It's not called the king of oils for no reason. Frankincense is a powerful anti ageing ingredient that also enables faster cell turn over. If you use this on a scab or wound, it can help speed up the healing process. It also has such an amazing aroma, helping you to feel content and grounded with your thoughts. Great for the other thinkers, like me.

Rosemary essential oil

Now this oil is often over looked, however it's actually very powerful. It has antibacterial properties and also to some extent works as a natural preservative. Rosemary is an amazing ingredient for the hair, it helps reduce scalp irritation as well as giving it the most gorgeous shine. If you haven't tried Rosemary before, then your missing out! Not many people know, but it's actually in the B&W body scrubs too!

I hope you learnt something this week and are now an essential oil expert!

Have a think about that essential oils you are most drawn too and what ones make you feel like wanting to know more. See you next week for another weekly article. Bye for now.

E x

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